farfisa but happy (farfisa professional samples)
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farfisa but happy (farfisa professional samples)

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an old school endlessly cool organ that makes me go :)

one of the whackiest organs from the '60s is the farfisa professional. from the color coding to the percussive elements, i love the shit out of this thing. it stays cool. it is as ominous as it is chripy and, for that, i can find a use for it on any track.

anyway, i found some very aggressive and thicc bass sounds on this bad boy. seemingly, every time i flipped on another pipe or goosed the percussion, things got meatier and nastier.


394 one-shots from 11 different 'sounds.' 

  • farfisa bass face
    • six different variants.
  • farfisa from space
    • percussive, staccato sound recorded through a roland space echo. i took it a step further and processed this sound through the american instrument company unit 301-a tape delay (1953) for a wide stereo image and slap delay.
  • farfisa keys 'odd'
    • corny organ sound with a wobble.
  • farfisa keys organ
    • sound one: gentle and inoffensive.
    • sound two: stacked and overdriven sound. 

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